I am a huge fan of Blockfolio. If you invest in multiple coins across multiple exchanges it is a great way to track your investments. I was really glad to know that Blockfolio now has over 80,000 monthly active users per a tweet from Edward Moncada yesterday (It's deleted now). He also mentioned in the tweet that it represented a 50% growth in MAU. I think this is a great indication of how cryptocurrency investing is expanding with retail investors. Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has over 6.9M users and 22.3M wallets. These are fantastic numbers and I'm so glad to see the continued growth of investment from retail investors.

At the same time, I realize how small the industry is when I put into perspective that just in the United States over 52% of Americans own a stock and the NYSE represents over 18.4 trillion dollars in market capitalization. I'd love to see a day when the cryptocurrency investing market is a 10th of this number. At a market capitalization of over $61B, we have a long way to go.