Sell-Side Research Cryptocurrency

I recently came across a new company on Product Hunt called Blockchani. Blockchaini sells themselves as an independent research, rating and investment analysis on token sales. I love seeing companies like these emerge in the space and hopefully produce quality content.

As more retail investors and institutions enter the space they will have to navigate a lack of structure. It's very difficult to find credible research on management teams, technology, and the underlying token. Currently, investors have to look through Twitter, Reddit, and Slack to find this information. Investors need to have computer science skills, knowledge of game theory, and financial markets to truly understand a token.

This is where sell-side research comes in and is a crucial aspect to cryptocurrency growth. I'd prefer to see tokens with strong prospects getting funded and thriving than vaporware tokens. Research firms can alert the public of which coins are vaporware and which have strong prospects. Firms like Smith + Crown are doing an important service to the space by helping identify the best tokens. The addition of large, established players like Goldman Sachs initiating coverage on Bitcoin

In a sea of noise, I hope we continue to see both startups and established firms continue to begin iniating coverage on different tokens