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Bitcoin 2019: Expert says new initiatives plus Ohio's move signal a possible cryptocurrency turnaround



The future of bitcoin is unknown, but the state of Ohio is ready to dip its toes in the cryptocurrency market. The Buckeye State is now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for tax bills. I spoke with the State Treasurer, Josh Mandel, about the initiative as well as Gartner analyst, Avivah Litan, about the future of bitcoin. Below is an edited transcript of our interviews.

Josh: It's part of a larger push in our office to really embrace modern technology and ask the question how can we leverage modern technology to make government more efficient for taxpayers, and that's the real drive behind

And listen, I believe the states are the laboratories for democracy, and so I envision our launch of ultimately inspiring states around the country to enable their taxpayers to pay their taxes via cryptocurrency, and at the end of the day, hopefully the federal government will follow suit.

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