Ari Lewis is currently the co-founder & general partner at Grasshopper Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in blockchain companies. Ari is also a co-founder and managing director at The Sherman Group, a communication, public affairs and public relations firm for blockchain companies He previously was a technical consultant at Bell Falls Search & Consulting. Before that, he founded Koalah, an eSports company.

Ari has been featured in a variety of publications including VentureBeat, Crain's Cleveland, Financial Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hedge Fund Alert, Business Insider and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain. In his spare time, Ari referees soccer and plays poker.

My writing is focused on helping young professionals gain confidence in the workplace. I use a combination of anecdotal and statistical evidence to help millennials and generation Zers achieve success in the workplace. I post an article on Tuesday and Friday.

You can follow him on Twitter @amlewis4.